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Hubs are social marketplaces for communities, cities, and colleges!

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For Sale

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Hubify is a platform to sell anything socially.

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For Sale
White Agate Amethyst Druzy Lariat Necklace

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For Sale
Magic Playing Cards

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For Rent

Simply rent anything.

You can rent anything you want. Go ahead. Surprise us!

For Hire

What are you good at?

Make money. Do what you love. Feel Freedom.

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For Hire
User Experience Testing for Internet Startups

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Our Mission

Flexible Payments

Get paid on your own terms. Whether you are trying to sell or rent something you own, offer your services for hire, or post your job offer, Hubify let's you unleash your money-making potential!

Get Things Done

Social commerce just got easier. Selling your handmade creations, renting your bike to a traveler, or offering your professional services, Hubify helps you get things done with awesome social commerce technology.

Trust & Safety

Your safety is our top priority. Secure transactions, user reviews and ratings, and our safety team protect you at every step. We have a commitment to building a safer community commerce platform for the next generation!