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Social commerce just got easier. Selling your handmade creations, renting your bike to a traveler, or offering your professional jobs and services, Hubify helps you get deals done with easy-breezy technology.

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Hubs are local and global social commerce groups

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Messaging & File-sharing

Simple instant messaging, group chats, and file sharing for complex orders and projects


Global payments made simple.

Hubify's built-in payment system allows your merchants to accept both PayPal and all of major credit cards. It works in 190+ countries and in 25+ currencies. Make more money with the lowest fees of any other marketplace!

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Lilly Garrison


“I’ve been looking for a better way to sell my homemade jewelry without breaking the bank, and Hubify was by far the best solution! My profile looks beautiful. Thanks @Hubify!”


John Green


“While trying to find a new alternative to Craigslist, I came across Hubify and have been blown away by their awesome new platform. #HubifyHero”


Annete Cait


“Hubify made it easy for me to review job candidates with the best project portfolios, matched skills, and the highest verified ratings and reviews. Thanks @Hubify!”

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